Communal Union of Gminas „Dolina Redy i Chylonki”

“The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.”

– Aristotele

„Master in Environmental Education” 2006 Competition „Municipal Newsletter”

„Polish Ecology Leader” 2008 Competition by the Minister of the Environment

Communal Union of Gminas „Dolina Redy i Chylonki” – population nearly 460 000 residents

The Communal Union of Gminas „Dolina Redy i Chylonki” was established in 1991 on the basis of the Act on local self governments. The Union’s Charter defines the key areas of activity, i.e. ensuring water supply and sewage collection, waste treatment in towns and gminas, central heating systems, waste management including municipal waste treatment, maintaining order and cleanliness, environmental protection (atmospheric air, soils, forests, underground and surface water), providing environmental related information and environmental education for the local community in areas covered by the Union’s activity. The Union performs public duties on behalf of gminas and coordinates operations. It is here that strategies are developed, controversies discussed and here is the platform for mutual understanding.

The area of our activity covers corresponding regions: Gdynia, Reda, Rumia, Wejherowo, Sopot, Gmina Kosakowo, Gmina Wejherowo, Gmina Szemud.