Affiliated Companies

The Union today, together with associated municipalities, is the co-owner of three affilated companies – PEWIK sp. z o. o. in Gdynia, which is the water supplier and sewage disposal operator. OPEC sp. z o. o. in Gdynia, operates the central heating supply system. EKO DOLINA manages the modern Waste Treatment Plant in Łężyce.

Community Union „Dolina Redy i Chylonki” is a well known institution in the Polish self governmental environment. In line with Aristotle’s motto „the whole is more than the sum of parts”. The Union performs public duties on behalf of gminas and coordinates their actions. The Union serves as a discussion forum, to exchange opinion and ideas, a platform for mutual understanding

The scope of the Union’s activity is stipulated by the Charter and includes: water supply for the gminas, sewage collection and treatment, central heating, waste management (including municipal waste treatment), maintaining orders and cleanliness, environmental protection (atmospheric air, soils, forests, underground and surface), providing environmental related information and environmental education for the local community in areas covered by the Union’s activity. To perform these duties strong and modern commercial companies were established like PEWIK in Gdynia, OPEC in Gdynia and EKO DOLINA in Łężyce, co-owned by gminas and the Union.