Scope of activity

„Dolina Redy i Chylonki” Union manages and coordinates certain duties of gminas in the area of municipal management, including water and wastes management. The Union performs the duties in cooperation with affiliated companies, Eko Dolina, OPEC and PEWIK, and other local companies.


  • issuing decisions on collective water supply and sewage discharge
  • development of tariff procedures and approval of tariff fee rates for collective water supply and sewage discharge
  • coordination of duties within the National Programme for Municipal Waste Water Treatment in Gdynia agglomeration
  • participation in development of medernization and development plans

KZG also performas reviews of local spatial development plans. Implements measures aimed at protection of the natural environment and particularily the Main Underground Water Basin no 110.


Door to door collection of hazardous wastes:

To meet the needs of our residents, the Union provides a service of FREE collection (over 20kg) of consumer electronics and household appliances from households from the cities of Gdynia, Rumia, Reda, Wejherowo and Sopot and municipalities of Wejherowo, Kosakowo and Szemud. Our service collects large electrical and electronic equipment (electrowastes) heavier than 20 kg, ie. refrigerators, televisions, washing machines, dishwashers, electric cookers, etc.

Hazardous waste stationary collection points (so-called PZON):

The Union provides service of eight stationary collection points (PZON) within the Union area. PZONs collect hazardous wasts only brought by citizens. Under the term of hazardous wastes we understand waste electrical and electronic equipment, paints, varnishes, adhesives, resins, preservatives and wood protection, solvents, cleaning agents for stain removal, aerosols, domestic disinfectants, plant protection products, wastes containing mercury, batteries and accumulators, used cartridges and toners, used oil, unnecessary and expired drugs.

Hazardous waste mobile collection (so-called OZON):

Mobile collection of hazardous wastes is another service provided by the Union. The collection takes place in spring and autumn period. The wastes are collected by our service in a number of easily accessible locations, giving an opportunity for our inhabitants to reach us easily.

Supply and management of waste battery collection containers:

The Union provides supply and service of containers for waste batteries, which afterwards are directed to companies responsible for their safe recycling. There are 476 containers located in plublic places and education centers. During last four years we have received over 64 tones of this type of wastes.

Supply and management of containers for unnecessary and expired drugs:

Containers for waste drugs are located in 167 pharmacies of Union’s region. The containers are fully serviced by the Union. Only during year 2016 we have received 21 674 kg of expired drugs, and directed to companies responsible for their safe disposal.