Education, publicity, promotion

air water soil Education, publicity, promotion

One of our major activities is education in the area of ecology, aiming to develop and strengthen ecological behaviours within the citizens. The classes are conducted in a form of lectures or workshops in our seminar room or the facilities of related companies. The educational offer is adjusted for kindergadens and schools, but and also for adults. We cooperate with kindergardens and schools on all levels, and so-called „3-rd Age University” gathering senior students. Proposed subjects integrate topics from the fields of air, water and soil quality control and management, givint an opportunity to see how does it all actually work. Wide educational offer, supported by various competitions and exceptional landtrips, year by year gains greater interest.

The annual number of participants of our educational offer exceeds 20 000 citizens of all ages!

However, our educational activity does not end at pure teaching. Promotion of ecological style of life within our citizens takes place also by means of publication of short articles in local bulletins. Te texts are released once a month in almost all of our cities and municipalities, and not only inform about collection of hazardus wastes from the citizens, but often concern subjects of good and bad eco-habits, highlight local problems and give clues on better customs.

Our activities are not restricted solely to our own territory. Many educational programmes take place in cooperation with other units (such as affiliated companies), often in a form of short trips and workshops run by specialists from given specialization. Due to effective cooperation we have already succeded to gain financial assistance and performed larger projects.